Sunday, August 24, 2008

George Washington Management Area

A hike was on the agenda for the afternoon and we wanted one that wasn’t too far from home, so we chose the Walkabout Trail in the George Washington Management area in Chepachet.

The first thing we noticed was that it was noisy. This is also a campground and there are two ponds, which people were taking advantage of, because it was a beautiful, warm summer day. It actually wasn’t until we were halfway through the short 2-mile blue trail that we heard nothing but our footsteps. One of the things Melissa and I enjoy so much about hiking is the sense of peace, so in that respect I feel like we missed out. I imagine that if we had planned for a longer hike and hit the 8 mile orange trail, it may have been more enjoyable. I also think that in the fall it may be quieter.

That being said, the trail had lots of rocks and fallen trees, which added some interest, and there was a bit of elevation in spots. It wasn’t difficult by any means, but you certainly had to watch your step. The woods were lush and green with lots of wild mushrooms and vegetation.

I haven’t given up on this spot, but I think that next time we may check out the Angell Loop, where there is an historic Indian gravesite. We would also plan for a longer hike.

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