Sunday, August 16, 2009

Plaid and Stripe - Providence, RI

Last week, Melissa and I had lunch at one of our favorite places, Haruki East in Providence. After I enjoyed yet another delicious beef asparagus bento box and she enjoyed the Wayland maki, we realized we had some time to kill, so we started walking down the street for a coffee. We stumbled upon this great store, Plaid and Stripe.

We were greeted by Robin Bugbee, aka the “lead dog” in the store. Robin introduced us to his two beagles for whom the shop is named, Plaid and Stripe. What a couple of hams. We loved them and can’t wait to get back to the store to visit with them again.

The shop is full of unique gifts for pets and their people, as well as practical items like leashes, collars and treats. Robin is very knowledgeable and friendly, asked lots of questions about our pets and helped us pick out a new harness for Grux.

The thing that made the experience for us though, was definitely the service. It’s so nice to walk into a shop that is owned by someone who is a) there b) happy to be there c) happy that YOU’RE there. Good customer service makes all the difference in the world and it’ll keep us coming back for sure.

Next time you’re walking around on the East Side, pop into Plaid and Stripe and say hi to the gang for me!

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Robin Bugbee said...

Dear Bob:
I don;t know what took me so long but I just found your piece on my business Plaid & Stripe on your site and I thank you so much. I can't tell you how good it is to find that the effort I have put into making Plaid & Stripe the kind of place where people will want to be really translated to someone who came in and shopped in the store. Retail is a very tricky thing...we never really know if our message is getting across to all the customers we care about very much. Your words were very gratifying. Thanks. Robin Bugbee, Plaid & Stripe