Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

Saturday night was warmer than expected, so after heading home from our favorite 3 year old's birthday party to take care of Dave and Grux, Melissa and I decided to head to Roger Williams Park Zoo for the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular and some great photo ops. The event runs now though November 1 from 6 pm-11 pm (last entry at 10) and includes thousands of hand carved pumpkins with various themes. One of my favorites was
“The Fables of the Great Writers” display which had an amazing Edgar Allen Poe carved pumpkin paying homage to “The Raven”.

It’s a popular ticket, so make sure to get there early or arrive toward the end of the night in order to avoid the major crowds. We arrived at around 9:30 and although there wasn’t a huge line at the gate, we quickly found out that once inside you’re stuck in another much longer line that meanders toward the wetland trails where the exhibit actually begins. For the coldest of nights they offer hot drinks and food at two separate locations along the line but both were packed so we kept walking.

Waiting on any line usually makes us crazy but this particular night was especially maddening due to a young couple in lust. From what I could tell they were college freshmen who maybe had been dating since the start of school. We had the good fortune of listening to such delights as “I bet I can jump up and down longer than you” as well as “Fall back in my arms I promise to catch you” and who could forget “Let me take your picture doing my cheerleader move - I promise I won’t post it”. These and other crazy conversations took place in between make out sessions. The final straw was an impromptu “I love you” on the phone when the boyfriend was back in line getting her a hot chocolate. All I can say is WOW.

Finally getting to the entrance the line really bogged down with everyone rubber necking to see the first few carved sensations. My suggestion is to walk on the right side in order to pass the slow pokes and choose your spots to move forward to get a better look and take pictures. We applied this theory most of the way through so we could have some separation with the crowd. Picture opportunities abound throughout the walk so be sure to bring your camera and be patient. The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular is a must do for people of all ages.

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Kim Dixon Donovan said...

Wish I were there...great blog Bob (omg, did I actually type 'blog'), anyway...thanks for the pics! Kim