Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Breton Point, Newport

Living in Rhode Island affords us the opportunity to get to the ocean in 30 minutes - give or take 10 minutes, depending on where you live. Unlike living in a landlocked state like those of the Mid West, Rhode Island has over 400 miles of coastline when you include the numerous bays, coves, and offshore islands. And in my opinion, one of the jewels of this vast coastline is Breton Point in Newport.

This past Saturday was the perfect day to enjoy all that Breton Point has to offer. And by offer I mean nothing but a cool ocean breeze and plenty of sun and waves. What more could you ask for? To me, nothing tops the smell of the ocean on a gorgeous summer day. Melissa and I try to get there every chance we get.

Most weekends, the serious kite flyers are out. All you have to do is look up at the sky to be entertained for many lazy summer afternoon hours by dozens of colorful kites.

We usually put together a nice lunch and drop a couple of blankets down right in front of the break wall. It’s a spot that we have to ourselves more often than not. We’ll be there this summer every chance we get. Only, of course, when I’m not holding an open house or out with clients. See you there.

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